DELAY formula helps 97% of men

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Your Privacy Is Protected
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15 Reasons Why You Should Use Delay

#1 Delay formula is the world leader in natural premature ejaculation treatment. It's well known of forums and blogs, you can read how it works and if it's worth to buy it 


#2 This product is doctor approved and recommended, you can read reviews and published studies, watch youtube videos around the Delay formula to make sure it's the best


#3 100% natural ingredients that cause no side-effects. The list of ingredients is available on the bottle and the official site. You can buy and take Delay without a prescription


#4 Special edition of premature ejaculation pills. It's available on FAVSTORE only. Buy the only original product, that is officially approved to provide results


#5 Delay provides an additional 5 to 10 minutes in the bedroom. That's enough to satisfy your women. You do not need to worry about premature ejaculation anymore


delay pills

#6 You need to take only 2 pills per day, it's not necessary to make any exercises or techniques. We receive a lot of product inquiries with the same question "How to take Delay pills?". Nothing special


#7 First results in one week. What does that mean? You will start noticing erection improvement and additional control over your ejaculations


#8 92% of satisfied customers. This is the highest success rate on the market. Every ingredient is selected to increase sex drive, erection, and stamina


#9 No doctor prescriptions required. That's the truth! It's a herbal supplement, that is not available in Pharmacies, because it has not been approved by FDA. But it's working


#10  Discreet packages. No need to worry about your order

#11 60-day satisfaction guarantee. You will have enough time to test Delay


#12 International delivery. Delay pills can be ordered in India, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and other countries
#13 Great deals offered by the company. Please visit the official Delay website to get recent special offers and discounts
#14 Thousands of testimonials around the world. Read reviews on forums and blogs. Delay formula is popular and authoritative
#15 Live customer support. You can ask questions anytime to the official support


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