Barry Callebaut, a manufacturer of chocolate and cocoa products, conducted a survey for U.S. and Canadian consumers to understand their attitudes toward indulgence when it comes to cookies and brownies. The survey builds on Barry Callebaut’s “The Future of Indulgence” Report, released earlier in the year, which found that consumers are looking for indulgences that help them “Celebrate Life,” offering unique tastes and textures for an intense experience. 

Using their findings from the survey, the company has officially launched Cookies CRAZED 2.0 to help food manufacturers understand the needs of today’s consumers. 

Cookies CRAZED 2.0 is founded on the following survey findings:

  • Nearly 1 in 4 consumers say they are consuming more cookies compared to a year ago. 
  • More than half of consumers surveyed would be motivated to try a new cookie if it featured a unique flavor.

Barry Callebaut’s chef team then created innovative cookie and brownie concepts using Barry Callebaut products.  All of the featured concepts in Cookies CRAZED demonstrate how to create cookies and brownies that feature unique flavors and have interesting visual appeal.

“Cookies CRAZED 2.0 allows manufacturers to enter the wonderful and magical world of multi-sensorial experiences in brownies and cookies,” says Martin Diez, director of chef services, Barry Callebaut. “From nostalgic tastes to more surprising and contemporary flavors, Cookies CRAZED 2.0 features concepts that are refreshing, zesty, decadent, and sophisticated. You will be amazed and surprised by our myriad of solutions.”

Food manufacturers can learn more about what indulgence means for cookies and brownies by downloading a preview of Cookies CRAZED 2.0.