RIND Snacks' latest innovation, Dark Cocoa Sea Salt Coconut Crisps, includes four simple ingredients: dried coconut, coconut sugar, dark cocoa powder, and a hint of sea salt.

“Our new Dark Cocoa Sea Salt Coconut Crisps embody all the qualities consumers crave in a snack: sweet, salty, simple, and sustainable,” said Matt Weiss, RIND founder & CEO. “It represents our first foray into clean and wholesome seasonings, and it’s the first in our line of single-serve snack bags, making RIND an even more convenient and ‘a-peel-ing’ option for on-the-go snacking.”  

With Dark Cocoa Sea Salt Coconut Crisps, RIND retains the fruit’s nutrient-rich inner husk, then dusts them with real dark cocoa and a hint of sea salt. High in fiber—7g per serving—as well as heart-healthy fats, the crisps can be eaten straight out of the bag, from the freezer, or as a topper to almost any dish. The nutrition-rich snack is also low in carbs and added sugar, making it an option for Keto-friendly diets.

RIND Dark Cocoa Sea Salt Coconut Crisps is the latest addition to the brand’s portfolio sustainable, better-for-you snacks. The new crisps are currently available in the original 3.5-oz. size, with a suggested retail price of $4.99-$5.99, and multi-pack options at rindsnacks.com. It will also roll out in 1.4-oz. snack bags, retailing at $2.99-$3.49, at select CVS stores nationwide beginning in October, with more retailers including Wegmans later this fall. Like all RIND products, Dark Cocoa Sea Salt Coconut Crisps retain as much of the natural fruit as possible, continuing the brand’s commitment to divert over one million pounds of unnecessary food waste this year.