Sunday Night Foods has launched its award-winning Dark + Decadent Chocolate Ganache for chefs nationwide in 8-pound, flexible pouches. The premium ganache won the prestigious sofi Award for New Product for Dessert Toppings from the Specialty Food Association in 2022.

Sunday Night’s premium ganache is made in small batches with Callebaut unsweetened chocolate and cocoa, fresh cream and butter, cane sugar, Nielsen-Massey pure vanilla, and sea salt. By using a classic French technique, Sunday Night creates glossy chocolate ganache without corn syrup, preservatives, palm oil, or emulsifiers. The clean ingredients allow the pure flavors to shine through: Rich, robust chocolate with fragrant, fresh-brownie cocoa notes, rounded with hints of buttery caramel, pure vanilla, and sea salt.

“Our high-quality chocolate ganache is in the right place at the right time,” said Sarah Pritchard, chief operating officer with Sunday Night Foods. “As a former restaurateur, I know how hard it is for chefs to create desserts night after night during labor shortages. The convenience of our premium ganache allows any kitchen to easily create gourmet menu items without compromising on quality.

Sunday Night’s ganache is winning the praise of chefs nationwide.

“I have never seen a ganache product that could compare with Sunday Night Foods in my years as a nine-time national, award-winning, French-trained chef,” said Chef Andy Elf, owner of Chef Andy & Co. “Their ganache is extremely user friendly and versatile, made with the highest quality ingredients for a velvety, rich chocolate product that they support with hundreds of ideas for applications. This is a very timely item as we face labor shortages and supply issues along with consumer demand for real, high-quality and innovative foods.

“Sunday Night’s ganache is by far the best that I have had,” said Chef Robert Nathe of Les Boulangers Associes, Inc. “Thank you for bringing this gold-medal item into our kitchen. This product takes me back to my apprentice days. The amount of time that this product will save pastry chefs will pay for itself with only a few batches of product.

Sunday Night Dark + Decadent Chocolate Ganache is available through food service distributors or by contacting